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MASHAQUIPE is a Tacana word – it means in Quechua language "Several things together" and is the name of our ETNO Ecotourism Operator, managed entirely by indigenous families who live within a protected and most biodiverse area of the planet , we are talking about "Madidi National Park".
We have a solid experience and knowledge of the forest because we were born and live in it. We offer various opportunities to enjoy the Bolivian Amazon that is one of the most pristine forests and best preserved of South America.
We have trips that last 1 to 3 days for those who has short time but want to know and enjoy this tropical rainforest. During the trip you will be amazed by the huge old trees, the variety of animals and our rich culture.
Traveling around 4 to 7 days for those who want to know, observe and learn how amazing and fascinating is the forest. You are able to spend nights camping deep into the jungle, rafting on our rustic traditional transport the "callapo", visit our indigenous families and so on.
We also have expedition trips that last 10 days towards to totally pristine places with a rich and amazing wildlife.
For people who wish to visit and see the exuberant and rich biodiversity of the pampas, we offer 1 to 3 day tours. Where you can easily see different animals like crocodiles, alligators, pink dolphins, birds, capybaras, turtles and others.
All of our tours are completely flexible to meet your needs. We work with small groups thinking about your needs and environmental care.
We offer comfortable cabins in Madidi National Park to rest and enjoy nature. We also have common dormitories for those whose priority is to know and have close contact with nature. In Pampas we offer you camp dorms well equipped with private bathrooms. During your tour you will enjoy our typical, international and vegetarian cuisine. Visitor No. 40235
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